About us

Gamers4Fun is a community that has been founded on 17 september 2011 by Milan and Kevin for gamers that just simply play’d for FUN! Gamers4Fun found home for various game servers Minecraft,BF3,Arma(…) during the years we had so much fun in playing with eachother but due circumstances the servers couldnt run any longer and we had to close them With the rise of discord we’re hoping to bring a small community back together by Gamers for Gamers!

We would like to thank a few people in special

  • Arma: Daryl,Liam,Sly,Ash
  • CS:GO: Darryl,Banaan,Seerce,Stijn,Wesley,Kasper
  • Leugue: Leo and the others ( since it remained a mystery for some of us 😛 )
  • WoT: Boiba,Joan,Rampage,
  • And alot more people! Apologies if your name is not on the list, it can be arranged anytime! 😀